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 In Sofa Factory  Los AngelesWe make our hardwood frames in the highest quality That is why we offer full warrantee on our frames

Our factory in Los Angeles, CA gives us the unique flexibility to be open to the public,Our furniture is regularly featured in hotels, restaurants,lobby

Casinos,bars,we are most respected and trusted Sofa manufacturers in  Los Angeles California

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Welcome to our manufacturers WM Upholstery is specialist in Custom made sofas and sectionals for homes and Business. Certified upholsterers  are ready to build your sofa. We make couches, outdoor sofas.We can make exactly the way you want and usually at less cost than the Competition and retail stores. Every design aspect of our sofas and sectionals can be completely customized

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Sofa Factory Los Angeles direct form Our warehouse WM Upholstery make sure that all product are made in the United States, in our state-of-the-art factory in Los Angeles CA. Simply said, we make, sell, and deliver all types of Sofas Because you are buying directly from our factory, we can emulate any photograph or build any custom design at the highest quality and most affordable price. you can order direct from our warehouse and save money.

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 Our installation we built an design Sofas and sectionals with our best skills and experience to provide our customers 100% guarantee about our products,our sofa beds are a good way to accommodate your guest ,We make the sofas to exact specifications for your unique living environment.Our Sofas and Sectionals are generally no more expensive than some big companies in Los Angeles ca, We have 100 different customizing options mean your sofa will be unique just like you,for Us Quality count.

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In Our Sofa Factory Los Angeles  we make all of our Sofas ourselves, the possibilities are endless.  We can make the Arm Sofa Round or square - and any sofa for that matter - in any size and fabric.We can also make it slipcovered or upholstered.  Also, you have the option to add a sofa bed.

In Our Factory we have Many different fills for your seat cushions: Down-Feather/Foam, Foam-only, or synthetic; all of them can be soft, medium, or firm.  Our standard seat cushions are Down-Feather, consisting of a High Density Foam core with a Down-Feather envelope around it.  Our Company will provides both support and comfort.  Wm Upholstery offer many different options available, you will find and get exactly what you need.

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